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Lay-Z-Spa Milan BESTWAY 60029 - 2
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Lay-Z-Spa Milan BESTWAY 60029

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The whirlpool with Layway's Spa-Z-Spa massage system offers relaxation for the whole family. The presented 3 in 1 set is a combination of a classic swimming pool with a SPA and a whirlpool. The whirlpool is designed for outdoor and indoor use thanks to the Tri-tech system. You can easily disassemble the whirlpool, inflate it with a pool pump and add water. It contains a powerful filtration system of 1325 l / h. The whirlpool contains 1 massage system (LAY-Z massage - bubble massage), which provide unprecedented comfort and relaxation after a busy day and provide luxury for everyone.

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Bestway AirJet Plus series

A bubbling whirlpool is the perfect way to relax! The air jets release soothing air bubbles directly from the center of the bottom and side walls of the spa so that they point to the legs and back. Plus, you can control it all right from your smart device!

Main benefits

  • - inflatable walls are made of Tritech materiálu material, which provides first-class durability and comfort,
  • - AirJet Plus okoj soothing system (140 air nozzles)
  • - energy-saving, automatic and time-controlled heating system
  • - integrated water filtration system,
  • - reinforced cover with safety clamps and built-in air chamber for better insulation,
  • - Freeze Shield systém winter system allows you to enjoy the hot tub all year round,
  • - automatic heating function - heating starts at 6˚C and switches off at 10˚C to prevent water freezing,
  • - you can program the whirlpool heating up to 40 days in advance,
  • - mosaic print on the inside
  • - energy-saving automatic timer heating system,
  • - integrated water filtration function,
  • - soft, insulated bottom with comfortable drain valve,
  • - simultaneous heating and bubble production function,
  • - reinforced leatheroid cover with safety locks and built-in air chamber for insulation,
  • - the pump is supplied with a residual current device - with a rated operating current not exceeding 10 mA,
  • - built-in Wi-Fi module, the whirlpool can be controlled via a telephone application.

I-Beam construction

This construction consists of 120 longitudinal profiles that connect the inner and outer wall. This ensures the durability of the entire structure while maintaining the comfort and convenience of users. The use of the I-Beam structure will also ensure complete stability while maintaining a comfortable SPA construction.

The control panel contains:

  • - LED display
  • - Unlock button
  • - two buttons for setting the water temperature,
  • - hot water button
  • - HydroJet button,
  • - water filter button,
  • - Temperature change button ° C / F.

Technical specifications

  • Designed for - 1-4 people
  • Volume (80% filling) - 795 L
  • Power - 220-240V ~ 50Hz / 2060W (20 ° C)
  • Actual water flow - 1325 L / H
  • Heater output 1.5-2 ° C / H
  • Maximum temperature - 40 ° C
  • Certification - CE, TUV, EAC
  • Dimensions - 196 x 71 cm
  • Weight of the filled whirlpool per (80%) - 864 kg

Package Contents

  • - swimming pool
  • - pump, heater, filter in one,
  • - electronic panel,
  • - polyester cover attached to the buckle,
  • - Bubble pad for swimming pool
  • - floating chemical feeder (58210),
  • - filter VI (58323),
  • - Detailed DVD instructions for SPA maintenance and configuration.

Data sheet

For the number of people
Whirlpool shape
Number of whirlpool nozzles
140 ks
Whirlpool width
196 cm
Whirpool height
71 cm
Maximum temperature
40° celzia
Heating speed
2 - 2.5 ° Celsius / hour
The actual flow of water
1325 l/hodina
Energy saving (EnergySense ™)
Whirlpool volume (80% filling)
795 litrov
Built-in LED lighting
Remote control
Wifi control
Year-round operation

Specific References

Bazénová chémia - aktívny kyslík

How to use active oxygen-based chemistry - the password for the file can be found on the invoice.

Download (10.95MB)

Problémy s vodou

The most common water problems and how to solve them - you will find the password to the file on the invoice.

Download (8.46MB)

This product is subject to a complaint directly from the manufacturer due to the size and nature of the product itself. The whole process takes place automatically and online, which means for you that if the complaint is accepted, you do not have to send any part of the product to us or anyone else and the defective product or part of it will be automatically sent to your address.

How to contact the manufacturer - Bestway?

Tel .: +421 221 021 421, E-mail: pomocservis@bestwaycorp.sk
Working hours of the infoline: 8:00 - 15:30

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