- free for all orders from 400 Eur .

Delivery methods
  • Free personal collection
  • Courier € 4.50
  • Pallet transport oversized courier € 9.00
  • Slovak Post € 5.50
  • Mailroom - delivery to the branch € 3.00
Means of transport JBmodel.sk
Payment options
  • Cash on delivery € 2.00
  • Free cash
  • Free bank transfer
  • Free GoPay card payment
Payment methods JBmodel.sk

Delivery methods

Personal collection - € 0.00

If you are interested in personal collection, you can agree on the date of collection on the telephone number listed on the Najlacnejsiebazeny.sk website.
Do not go for the order before the time is agreed, it may not be ready for collection yet.

Courier - € 4.50

The ordered product is delivered via courier service. The goods will be delivered within 1-2 working days from the dispatch of the consignment, and at the moment of dispatching the consignment, information will be delivered to your email.
Do not overlook - Please check the condition of the package when accepting the order, especially if our tape is not damaged in any way and is not repaired. In case of any doubts, refuse to accept the shipment and inform us immediately so that we can agree on the next step. Alternatively, we recommend that you download the package and open it immediately before delivery.

Payment options

Cash on delivery - € 2.00

The most used method of payment today. You will only pay for the goods when you pick up the goods at the postal delivery or courier.

Cash - € 0.00

You will pay for the goods in cash at the personal collection directly at the point of issue.

Bank transfer - € 0.00

After receiving your order, the system will automatically send you an account number and a variable symbol. You will pay for the goods in advance to our bank account maintained at Unicredit Bank. Immediately after receiving the payment, we send the goods, informing you of the date when the shipment will arrive.

Payment by GoPay card - € 0.00

You pay for the goods online with a payment card through the GoPay payment gateway. The goods will be shipped to you immediately.

Questions and answers

What is the delivery time?

We keep all the most popular models of rc models and electric cars in stock and we always send them within 24-48 hours . These products are easily recognizable on the site - they are marked with stock availability "in stock" .
Other products that are not in stock or are on order are usually delivered within 30 working days. The estimated delivery time is listed individually on the page of each product.

Is delivery really free? To which countries do Najlacnejsiebazeny.sk deliver?

Free shipping with us is always at a price higher than 99 Euros for all products.
We deliver as a priority only in the territory of the Slovak Republic, but in rare cases it is possible to send to the Czech Republic as well. In this case, do not hesitate to contact us by email at info@najlacnejsiebazeny.sk, so that we can recommend the best possible way of transport to the Czech Republic.

Can I track my shipment?

Immediately after sending your order, you can ask us for a tracking code, which you can use to track the current location of your shipment.

How do they deliver Najlacnejsiebazeny.sk?

Your shipment will be delivered directly to your door by courier service, Slovak post or courier - the choice depends only on you.
If you are not sure whether you will be at your address on the day of delivery, this is not a problem. The courier should always contact you by phone in advance to deliver the shipment safely directly to your hands.

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