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Lay-Z-Spa Grenada BESTWAY 60135

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Bestway Lay-Z-Spa HOLLYWOOD ™ is an inflatable jacuzzi, ideal for people who value luxury relaxation while maintaining privacy. It will give you a comfortable rest after a long day. With Lay-Z-Spa Hollywood ™, you can feel like you are in the best spa and in your home garden. The inflatable whirlpool is equipped with multi-colored LED lighting controlled by a remote control. Choice of 7 colors. LED lights shine through the translucent lining of the whirlpool and illuminate the water for an even more unique experience. In addition, the kit contains 4 headrests, which provide additional comfort in use. Thousands of massage bubbles, the right water temperature and effective lighting will relax the body and allow you to relax. The inflatable SPA does not take up much space and is easy to install - just plug in the pump and watch it fill up.

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Bestway AirJet series

Calm your body and release your mind at the touch of a button! The air jets work by releasing warm air into the water, which surrounds you with a soothing bubble massage.

Key benefits

  • - Inflatable walls are made of Tritech ™ material and offer maximum durability and comfort,
  • - the AirJet systém soothing system (190 air nozzles),
  • - A self-saving automatic timer heating system
  • - Integrated water filtration feature,
  • - Quick and easy installation - Inflatable pool own pump,
  • - Soft, insulated bottom with comfortable drain valve,
  • - Simultaneous heating and bubble production function
  • - Mosaic pool liner,
  • - Handles to make it easier to lift and move the pool (after emptying)
  • - Reinforced cover with security locks and built-in air chamber for insulation,
  • - Rattan print on the outside and pool cover with mosaic print on the inside,
  • - the pump is supplied with a residual current device - with a rated operating current not exceeding 10 mA.

I-Beam Construction

This construction consists of 120 longitudinal profiles that connect the inner and outer wall. This ensures the durability of the entire structure while maintaining the comfort and convenience of users. The use of the I-Beam structure will also ensure complete stability while maintaining a comfortable SPA design.

AirJet system mili with millions of active bubbles:

Our SPA fills millions of warm bubbles by using 190 nozzles with AirJet technology ™ . When in contact with my body, millions of bubbles massage your delicate skin. Hydromassage can regulate blood pressure, has an analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect.

Water heated to 40 °:

The water in your private SPA will now be warm whenever you want. You decide when you want to relax in warm water regardless of the weather and outside temperature! A revolutionary system that strikes a balance between a powerful heating system and product safety and durability!

Modern control panel:

With a clear screen, you can decide what temperature you want to keep in the hot tub . It works between 20 ° and 40 ° Celsius, giving you control over the situation.

You can effectively activate the massage mode, change the water temperature or activate the pump!

Technical parameters:

  • - walls made of DuraPlus ™ - durable, three-layer material, resistant to damage
  • - Capacity (80% fill) - 1350 liters,
  • - Inflatable pool size: 236 cm x 71 cm
  • - inner diameter: 186 cm,
  • - Weight of empty whirlpool: 39.27 kg,
  • - Weight after filling: 1350 kg,
  • - 220-240V ~ 50Hz, 2050W at 20 ℃,
  • - actual water flow: 1,325 l / h (350 gal / h),
  • - Heating system: 1.5-2.4 ℃ / h
  • - Digitally controlled pump with touch control panel and digital beverage holder control panel
  • - Freeze Shield ™ to protect against water freezing
  • - An energy-efficient, clock-controlled heating system
  • - Time and temperature can be programmed for 40 days
  • - Integrated water filtration system
  • - ChemConnect ™ dispenser for stable chlorine levels
  • - Reinforced lid with safety latches
  • - Soft, insulated floor with comfortable drain valve
  • - 2 easy-to-carry empty hot tub handles
  • - 4 comfortable headrests
  • - remote controlled LED lighting system with the possibility of color change (7 colors)
  • - Outer shell color: black with white translucent stripes.

Package Contents:

  • - Inflatable whirlpools,
  • - Multifunction pump
  • - Reinforced cover with safety clips,
  • - ChemConnect chemistry dispenser,
  • - Type VI pump filter,
  • - LED lighting,
  • - Remote control for lighting control,
  • - 4 pillows,
  • - Patch patch.

Data sheet

For the number of people
Whirlpool shape
Number of whirlpool nozzles
180 ks
Whirlpool width
216 cm
Whirpool height
71 cm
Maximum temperature
40° celzia
Heating speed
2 - 2.5 ° Celsius / hour
The actual flow of water
1325 l/hodina
Energy saving (EnergySense ™)
Whirlpool volume (80% filling)
1190 litrov
Built-in LED lighting
Remote control
Wifi control
Year-round operation

Specific References

This product is subject to a complaint directly from the manufacturer due to the size and nature of the product itself. The whole process takes place automatically and online, which means for you that if the complaint is accepted, you do not have to send any part of the product to us or anyone else and the defective product or part of it will be automatically sent to your address.

How to contact the manufacturer - Bestway?

Tel .: +421 221 021 421, E-mail: pomocservis@bestwaycorp.sk
Working hours of the infoline: 8:00 - 15:30

Online complaint form

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