Pool chemistry 6in1 start set - 1
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Pool chemistry 6in1 start set

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Every pool must be cared for so that it is clean, hygienic and so that swimming is enjoyable. Filtration equipment retains some contamination and must therefore be inspected, but no filtration equipment guarantees 100% water purification. Bacteria, algae, fungi, pollen, fine dust, skin particles are too small to pass through the filter. In addition, bacteria, algae and fungi spread in the water, which cover the walls of the pool with a slippery thin green layer, which is an ugly sight. For this reason, the development of algae, bacteria and fungi should be prevented and combated.


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The first step - adjusting the pH value

The pH value is the most important parameter that affects the efficiency of the disinfection process. Therefore, its size should be controlled and kept constant. The ideal pH range is between 7.0-7.4. Our preparations for increasing the value of this parameter: pH plus granules, pH plus liquid; to reduce: pH minus granules, pH minus liquid.

Step two - disinfection

Water in the pool should be a source of well-being and health, and therefore must be safe for everyone who enjoys water fun. Everyone who swims in the pool brings particles of organic compounds and thousands of bacteria into the water. Therefore, it is necessary to use a disinfection process that is sufficiently effective to ensure the safety of persons using the bath. Recommended for chlorine disinfection: Chemochlor T granules 65 and Chemochlor T fast tablets (for quick disinfection), Chemochlor T tablets 20 g, Chemochlor T tablets 200 g, Chemochlor T multifunctional tablets. Chemochlor CH tablets 10 g, liquid chemochlor. For oxygen disinfection: Aquablanc O2, Aquablanc A, active oxygen 20 g tablets, active oxygen 200 g tablets, active liquid oxygen, aquablanc liquid

Step three - fight against algae

Algae are single or multicellular organisms that produce organic compounds from inorganic chemical compounds contained in water, which are a medium for bacteria in the water and a source of various types of contamination. They reproduce very quickly and are able to cover the walls, stairs and the bottom of the pool with a slippery layer within a few hours. It is therefore necessary to prevent the growth of algae and exclude them from the pool water. Algaeicides should be used for this purpose. Chemoform Polska recommends the systematic use of quaternary amines in the form of the following preparations: Alba, Alba Super, Antygon Super and Calzelos.

Step four - coagulation and filtration

Some dirt particles are so small that their filters cannot catch them. To remove them, use coagulating or flocculating agents that allow the smaller particles to aggregate into larger ones or be absorbed on the surface of the flocculant. As a result of this treatment, these impurities remain on the filter and the water remains clean and pure. We offer the following products: liquid Flockfix, highly concentrated Flockfix, Flockfix refills.

Package contents:

  • 1 kg of chemochlorine T granulate 65,
  • 1 kg pH plus granules,
  • 1.5 kg pH minus granules,
  • 1 l Alba,
  • 1 photometric meter,
  • 1 ABC.

Data sheet

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pool chemistry

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