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    Pool accessories INTEX solinator 12gr / h 26670 - 1
    • Pool accessories INTEX solinator 12gr / h 26670 - 1
    Pool accessories INTEX solinator 12gr / h 26670 - 1

    INTEX solinator 12gr / h 26670

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    Solinator suitable for above-ground pools up to 57m3 with the ability to convert 12gr of chlorine per hour . It limits the use of pool chemistry (limiting the use of chlorine by up to about 70% depending on the load of pool water). The solinator is compatible with all above-ground pools that have a 32 or 38 mm hose connection.


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    How is chlorine generated?

    Ordinary salt (sodium chloride) consists of two elements - sodium and chlorine. During installation of the solinator, an accurately measured dose of salt is dissolved in the pool water. This slightly salty water passes through an electrolytic solinator unit, which generates chlorine from the passing water and immediately releases it into the water. Chlorine immediately begins to destroy bacteria, viruses and algae and oxidizes organic materials.

    Electrocatalytic oxidation (ECO) is one of the advanced oxidation (AOP) processes. If we connect a direct current to the electrodes of electrocatalytic oxidation, the water decomposes and so-called "hydroxyl radicals" are formed. The hydroxyl radical is a powerful oxidizing agent that decomposes organic contaminants and destroys bacteria and algae. Hydroxyl radicals in combination with freely available chlorine provide the strongest and safest hygiene of pool water.

    For which pools is the solinator suitable?

    The solinator is suitable for above-ground pools, especially with an inflatable collar up to a water volume of 57 m3 .

    The solinator is not suitable for pools with a metal structure, steel structure or in a pool that contains bronze or steel parts.

    Technical parameters:

    • - integrated timer,
    • - self-cleaning (programmatic) bipolar titanium electrodes, the cleaning cycle can also be started manually by touching "SELF-CLEAN"
    • - electronic protection of minimum water flow,
    • - "BOOST" function - increase of chlorine production,
    • - the possibility of connecting hoses with a diameter of 32 and 38 mm using the enclosed reducer,
    • - designed for above-ground pools (the device is not suitable for in-ground pools).

    Package contents:

    • - solinator body, with cell and electrodes,
    • - 1m INTEX hose with screw connection,
    • - 2 pcs of screw seals,
    • - 1 piece of adapter A for connecting hoses and INTEX accessories,
    • - 1pc Adapter INTEX B,
    • - 1 piece of hose clamp 48-62mm,
    • - 20 pcs of test strips for water quality (free chlorine, pH, alkalinity, water hardness).

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