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  • Gaming tables - real matches at home
    Gaming tables - real matches at home
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    What to do at home, how to gain a little movement and sports emotions when we are locked in four walls for a long time, without the possibility to go to a club or playground? In the apartment you can find some nice games that can provide satisfaction no less than "real" games.

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  • Inflatable children's play centers
    Inflatable children's play centers
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    The uncertainty of whether we will be able to go even further during the next summer holidays meant that we were all looking for alternative ideas for ourselves and our loved ones on how to spend the summer in an interesting way. Children in particular cannot tolerate imprisonment, so it is a good idea to let them have fun on the spot.

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  • Inflatable whirlpool not only for summer
    Inflatable whirlpool not only for summer
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    It seems that the garden pool in Slovakia is fun only for summer and the season is too short. Nothing could be more bad. We can significantly extend the season of home outdoor swimming, thanks to the inflatable jacuzzi. It will provide us with increased resistance to the whims of the aura and truly luxurious comfort.

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  • How do I get rid of algae in the pool?
    How do I get rid of algae in the pool?
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    The development of algae in water is a real inconvenience. Algae or algae are multicellular organisms that reproduce very quickly (even in a few hours). Inorganic compounds present in water are used for the construction of organic compounds, which are the cause of harmful pollutants.

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  • How to heat a garden pool?
    How to heat a garden pool?
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    In our climate, owners of expansion or freestanding garden pools may face a problem with cold water. There are several ways to do this - here we will focus on those that require the least complicated solutions.

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  • Seasonal garden pool - how to prepare it for winter?
    Seasonal garden pool - how to prepare it for winter?
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    The garden pool in the Slovak climate can be used from late spring to early autumn, ie - in good winds - for almost half a year. However, until the first frosts come, we should put it in and secure it for the remaining months, unless it is a properly built year-round pool.

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  • Pool filtration, what should you know about them?
    Pool filtration, what should you know about them?
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    Customers often ask us about pool pumps - among other things, what are the differences, how to replace them and what will be their optimal performance. We have prepared a clear guide especially for you, in which we answer these and other questions.

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  • How to choose a trampoline for children?
    How to choose a trampoline for children?
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    The garden trampoline is the perfect gift for a child, ideal for spring and summer. It provides not only great entertainment, which children enjoy with fun, but also the necessary portion of physical activities in the fresh air, which are an extremely important factor in the development of young people.

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  • How to base the pool / whirlpool?
    How to base the pool / whirlpool?
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    Anyone who has had a garden pool knows how inconvenient even the smallest stones under the bottom, when it is filled, cause. This is not only inconvenient for users - each bulge is a potential abrasion point because it is exposed to more frequent and stronger friction. This can be prevented in only one way - by insulating the bottom of the pool from the ground with another layer of material. Which product should you choose to make the solution effective and as universal as possible? We will...

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  • Vitamin C in the pool, works in practice?
    Vitamin C in the pool, works in practice?
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    A well-kept pool with crystal clear water sparkling in the sun is something that every pool owner strives for. However, this vision quickly runs into a reality in which the pool is not beautiful in itself throughout the season - it should be systematically cared for, with special attention to water. In the following article, we will reveal some popular myths about pool chemistry, especially about the unique properties of vitamin C.

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  • Where to place the inflatable whirlpool?
    Where to place the inflatable whirlpool?
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    Whirlpool to the house or apartment? Why not! The freedom to use hydromassage at any time does not have to be a distant dream, whether technically or financially. We offer inflatable jacuzzis - they may not be suitable for dormitories, but we can easily recommend much better places to install them.

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  • What is Better Chlorine or Oxygen?
    What is Better Chlorine or Oxygen?
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    Every owner of a garden pool will sooner or later encounter the problem of microorganisms that cause water pollution in the tank and on its walls. Fortunately, we already have the means to fight these microorganisms - now you just have to choose which of these pool cleaning methods you choose, depending on the specific goal you want to achieve, the type and degree of pollution and your own preferences. We will try to help you make a decision.

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  • Garden whirlpool: Intex PureSpa
    Garden whirlpool: Intex PureSpa
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    Technological development did not escape even the garden pool. Thanks to this, we can indulge in luxury, which until now was considered something just for certain few people who have a lot of money and can afford an expensive trip to the spa. Fortunately, today we have the opportunity to enjoy this unique fun and enjoy a relaxing hydromassage in the comfort of your home or garden. Are you ready to swim in private?

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  • Which garden pool to choose?
    Which garden pool to choose?
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    Almost everyone dreams of having their own pool. The large garden pool is sure to make a sensation when meeting friends and children will have a hard time detaching it. Plus, it's a fantastic way to spend a lazy summer afternoon. Before we dive into our dreams, let's look at the facts. The choice of garden pools is impressive. Inflatable, expandable, free-standing - but how to choose a good pool between them? What should you know so that you do not buy unnecessary accessories at the expense...

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  • Why is it worth buying a skimmer?
    Why is it worth buying a skimmer?
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    This extremely useful device works perfectly with a pool pump. The combined power of both devices guarantees 100% water purification, so such a set should be part of the equipment of every gardening enthusiast.

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  • How to build a garden pool?
    How to build a garden pool?
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    The base is perfectly flat ground. The base for your pool, the place where you place it, must be perfectly level - it cannot be laid on a hilly surface, slope or other unevenness. This is the most important thing to keep in mind when choosing the location of your garden pool. Make sure you take the time. Unpacking, assembling and leveling the "swimming pool" postpones the beginning of your relaxation, but it is definitely worth it.

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